Set Your Janitorial Business Up for Success

With Genic Assets Management Software, gain comprehensive visibility of your assets that enable you to optimize costs and improve efficiencies.

Job Sheduling
Better Customer Satisfaction

With Genic Assets Management System software, you can provide excellent service and quality assurance to your clients. Resolve issues within the system by staying in regular communication with your customers.

Job Sheduling
Streamline Business Operations

Centralize your business information for your teams to access any data and insights whenever required to run the business efficiently.

Job Sheduling
Automated Quick Actions

With the Genic Assets Management mobile app, you can easily search, check, manage and update assets your IT assets when you are on the move or remote.

Genic Assets Management System has Everything a Janitorial Business Needs


Asset Management

Integrate Asset Management Software allows your team to proactively manage inflows, sets and expirations at all levels to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

  • check-icon Asset Database
  • check-icon Groups and Subgroups
  • check-icon Asset Stock and Inventory Module
  • check-icon Asset Lifecycle Management
  • check-icon Excel Import and Export

Mobile App

The Asset Management app brings you a complete view of your entire company’s assets and inventory in one place. The tool enables you to manage purchases, reservations, assignments, auditing and maintenance of any assets and inventory even when you’re out of the office.

  • check-icon Mobile Apps for easy Scanning
  • check-icon Reservation
  • check-icon Raise complaint

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Work Order Management

A work order management tool achieves timely and accurate processing of work orders. Although it may seem to be a simple procedure, it is a lengthy job that requires a lot of time and paperwork if it were done by hand. Genic Assets Management software saves you time and money on every job by automating and streamlining these procedures.

Our work order management system takes care of all the planning and execution-related workload.

  • check-icon Fulfilling demands for services
  • check-icon Availability of resources and tasks
  • check-icon Ensure parts’ availability and job assignment

Vendor Management

Vendor management is where you can manage, track and maintain all your vendor contracts. You can make smarter decisions about what equipment to purchase, minimizing wasted time and money in the process.

  • check-icon Vendor Database
  • check-icon Purchase Orders
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Easy Way to Measure and Manage All Your Activities

Genic Assets Management Software streamline asset maintenance, tracking of tools and equipments, and optimizing workflows.


Genic Asset Management Software has made our work much easier! The software allows us to track and manage our assets from a single platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paper-based tracking. It has significantly improved our asset management processes!

Bob Houchin

Thanks to Genic Asset Management System, we no longer waste time searching for equipment. The system’s ability to locate assets in seconds has improved our productivity and helped us reduce costs. We must say it’s a must-have for any team!

Jocelyn Seow

Our company has been using Genic Asset Management Software for a few months, allowing us to streamline our Asset Management processes and track and manage our assets effectively. The software’s reporting feature has helped us identify underutilized assets, allowing us to optimize our operations and reduce costs.

Eric Quah

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