Expanding Business? Genic Assets Management System is Your Saviour!

Genic Assets Management System will digitize and automate your asset tracking and inventory management process.

Job Sheduling
Paperless Process

Transform your business and escape the time wastage from sorting paper trails with Genic Assets Management System.

Job Sheduling
Real-Time Insights

Get real-time insight into your business and improves productivity by locating assets and their movement with Genic Assets Management System.

Job Sheduling
Better Asset Visibility

Genic Assets Management System provides complete visibility of assets in real-time and improves asset utilization and employee productivity.

Genic Assets Management System has Everything a Customer Service Business Needs


Location and Tracking

Track the asset’s every move with an asset management system to provide a better customer experience. In real time, you can easily track the location of assets with serial numbers, QR codes, and RFID tags.

  • check-icon Locations
  • check-icon Departments
  • check-icon RFID Asset Tracking
  • check-icon GPS Location

Mobile App

Genic Assets Management System mobile app provides you with all the essential features to acquire your assets overview. Whether you want to manage any asset or inventory purchases, reservations, assignments, maintenance, and auditing, you can when you are not present in the office.

  • check-icon Mobile Apps for easy Scanning
  • check-icon Reservation
  • check-icon Raise complaint

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Asset Management

Manage assets inflow, issuance, and expiration by utilizing asset management software. Integrating our software provides you with better asset visibility that saves time and resources allocated to manage.

  • check-icon Asset Database
  • check-icon Groups and Subgroups
  • check-icon Asset Stock and Inventory Module
  • check-icon Asset Lifecycle Management
  • check-icon Excel Import and Export

Warranty Management

Managing your assets is easy with the warranty management system that helps you acquire comprehensive asset warranties information. This information aid you in tracking asset maintenance history, repair, and replacements.

  • check-icon Warranty Records
  • check-icon Warranty Reports
  • check-icon Warranty Reminders
  • check-icon Warranty Extension
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Take Control of Your Asset for Quality Customer Service

Genic Assets Management Software provides complete visibility into your service operations that help you to deliver excellent customer service.


Genic Asset Management Software has made our work much easier! The software allows us to track and manage our assets from a single platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paper-based tracking. It has significantly improved our asset management processes!

Bob Houchin

Thanks to Genic Asset Management System, we no longer waste time searching for equipment. The system’s ability to locate assets in seconds has improved our productivity and helped us reduce costs. We must say it’s a must-have for any team!

Jocelyn Seow

Our company has been using Genic Asset Management Software for a few months, allowing us to streamline our Asset Management processes and track and manage our assets effectively. The software’s reporting feature has helped us identify underutilized assets, allowing us to optimize our operations and reduce costs.

Eric Quah

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