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Custom Reports

It’s possible to design your own reports and report templates through the Custom Report module. You choose what information goes where and specify how they should be presented for greater utilization. Even if one or more dimensions and metrics are required, it’s not a problem. Learn on the go and make great reports for your team.

  • check-icon Easy to learn and manage
  • check-icon Extensive reports with greater visibility
  • check-icon Generate reports that suit your needs

Scheduled Reports

Custom or standard reports can be scheduled to be emailed to corporate users regularly to save time spent obtaining, preparing, and distributing this data. With the Scheduled Report module, your strategies become more transparent as you can make the right decisions with all the information in hand.

  • check-icon Cost-effective and time saving in the long run
  • check-icon Take advantage of each other's expertise
  • check-icon Tailor your continuous cost control efforts

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Report Exports

Default and custom reports can be exported to PDF or CSV with just a click. Dropbox is also a feasible solution to exchange data between colleagues. When exporting to Microsoft Excel, numbers and dates are exported in a raw format with full numerical precision and format mask rather than as a string in the data format selected. Generating/ exporting a report is a simple process:

  • check-icon Run the desired report in Insight
  • check-icon To export the report, click Export at the bottom
  • check-icon Go to File > Export > Format

Scheduled Service Reports

Your asset management must be able to improve with time and changing business dynamics. Genic Assets management software has the capability to handle asset servicing along with maintaining scheduled servicing reports for reliability and monitoring assets remotely and in the office.

  • check-icon Flexible report template
  • check-icon Input vital assets maintenance information
  • check-icon Keep track of servicing remarks
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Warranty Expire Reports

The reporting feature enlists the assets whose warranties are near to expiry and those that have expired. The report can be customized to modify the tolerance for asset warranty expiration notification.

  • check-icon Custom expiration safety factor
  • check-icon Data field with expired assets and current status
  • check-icon Greater visibility for Proactive measures

Asset Retired Reports

When you use Genic Assets Management software’s Reporting Module, it’s easier than ever to keep a track of all of your retiring assets and projects.

  • check-icon Allows bulk action for comparable events
  • check-icon Use templates and condition formatting
  • check-icon Check out numerous IT Assets simultaneously
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Maintenance Alerts

Identifying and managing all types of flaws is the focus of our maintenance feature. This begins with the discovery of loopholes, which are then documented and sent out as a notification. Once the issue is rectified, scheduled, or executed, maintenance alert is marked as resolved.

  • check-icon Initiate, extend, or provide feedback on service
  • check-icon Execute repairs with better planning
  • check-icon Customized alert emails and notifications

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