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Genic Assets Management System provides complete access to the right tools and features that help you to manage retail assets efficiently.

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Track Asset Movements

Genic Assets management system enables you to track your assets between warehouse and outlet every moment. Acquire the exact location on a map of an asset with a geo-tag.

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Mobile Application

With the Genic Assets Mobile App, you can easily track your assets, schedule maintenance, and make changes in operations with your mobile from anywhere, anytime.

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Complete Asset Visibility

Genic Assets Management System offers complete visibility of your assets in real-time, improving asset utilization.

Genic Assets Management System has Everything a Retail Business Needs


Asset Management

Save the time and money used to handle asset issues, inflow, and expiration. Your normal operations will become more agile by integrating asset management software since it will eliminate silos and increase asset visibility.

  • check-icon Asset Database
  • check-icon Groups and Subgroups
  • check-icon Asset Stock and Inventory Module
  • check-icon Asset Lifecycle Management
  • check-icon Excel Import and Export

Location and Tracking

Tracking each step of the supply chain will help you get the most out of your asset management system. You may also use serial numbers, QR codes, and RFID tags to track down the position of your assets. Manage assets in real time to save the headache of manually locating them.

  • check-icon Locations
  • check-icon Departments
  • check-icon RFID Asset Tracking
  • check-icon GPS Location

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Warranty Management

Maintaining warranty record sheets is the first step in securing the assets of your business. A comprehensive warranty management system is provided for assets via the Genic Assets Management system. The module keeps track of past maintenance, completed repairs, and replacements.

  • check-icon Warranty Records
  • check-icon Warranty Reports
  • check-icon Warranty Reminders
  • check-icon Warranty Extension

Vendor Management

Vendor management improves business vital asset decision-making and saves the company time, money, and man-hours. Simply integrating a vendor database into your asset management system can enhance how you can acquire and maintain assets throughout their lives.

  • check-icon Vendor Database
  • check-icon Purchase Orders
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