Top Features

Asset Management

Save time and resources allocated to manage inflow, issuance, and expiration of assets. Integrating Asset Management Software adds agility to your routine operations by breaking down the silos and giving greater visibility of assets

  • check-icon Asset Database
  • check-icon Groups & Subgroups
  • check-icon Asset Stock & Inventory Module
  • check-icon Asset Lifecycle Management
  • check-icon Excel Import & Export
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Reports and Notifications

Asset planning is a result of data points that work towards optimized workflows. Our Asset Management Software has series of reports and warning system to give greater visibility on asset check-in/ check-out along with debating assets for further action.

  • check-icon Custom Reports
  • check-icon Scheduled Reports
  • check-icon Report Exports
  • check-icon Scheduled Service Reports
  • check-icon Warranty Expire Reports
  • check-icon Asset Retired Reports
  • check-icon Maintenance Alerts
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Data and Security

Backing up data, making several copies of important information and even keeping them off-site in case the original is lost or corrupted is a necessity for any company. Operational recovery is a deal breaker. Genic Assets Management software is designed while keeping all these elements in mind.

  • check-icon Data Backups
  • check-icon Customized Views
  • check-icon Cloud Server
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Are you ready to switch from Excel and Spreadsheets to Cloud-based Asset Management Software? Get started with Genic Assets Management System!

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Asset Reservation

Make sure business critical assets are available when they are needed by making a reservation well in time. A powerful Reservation System allows for swift asset check out process along with a foolproof asset reservation tracking system to ensure assets are rightly delivered to those who need them the most.

  • check-icon Availability Calendar
  • check-icon Reservations
  • check-icon Flexible Item Reservations
  • check-icon History Tracking
  • check-icon Check-out & Check-in Assets
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Document Managament

Whether sending offer letters, contracts, or updating your policies, there’s never been a better way to manage and share all your HR documents.

Document Managament

Maintenance Management

Add credibility to your assets maintenance process with the maintenance management module that tracks asset maintenance schedule; thereby, turning asset maintenance into a continuous improvement process focusing on better equipment availability and reliability.

  • check-icon Scheduled Maintenance
  • check-icon Service Triage
  • check-icon Service Tickets
  • check-icon Recurring Services
  • check-icon Service History
  • check-icon Work Order Management
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Location and Tracking

Get the most out of an asset management system by tracking every move within the supply chain; trace assets’ location through serial number, QR code and RFID tags. Manage assets in real time and save the hassle locating it manually.

  • check-icon Locations
  • check-icon Departments
  • check-icon RFID Asset Tracking
  • check-icon GPS Location
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Mobile App

As an end-to-end asset management and tracking solution provider, all the essential features are included in the mobile application. It provides a full view of your assets’ landscape. Harnesses the ability to manage purchases, reservations, assignments, auditing, and maintenance of any assets and inventory even when you’re out of office.

  • check-icon Mobile Apps for easy Scanning
  • check-icon Reservation
  • check-icon Raise complaint
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User Management

Genic Assets Management Software’s user management is a fairly simple process. Account’s owners must be signed-in to make changes. Master user has the authority to define rights of other users. Besides, the system even has the privilege to re-generate access tokens on every login.

  • check-icon Access Control
  • check-icon Login Enabled
  • check-icon Employee ID Scan
  • check-icon Password Policy
  • check-icon Custom Roles
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Warranty Management

Protecting your organization’s assets starts with upkeeping warranty record sheets Genic Assets Management system offers a holistic warranty management system for assets – the module tracks maintenance history, repair and replacements undertaken.

  • check-icon Warranty Records
  • check-icon Warranty Reports
  • check-icon Warranty Reminders
  • check-icon Warranty Extension
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Audits and Calibration

An organization’s assets are important for its overall success, routine audits have a long-term benefit. Companies benefit from asset audits, as it can lead to more efficient operations and better-informed decision-making.

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Vendor Management

Vendor management offers better decision making on business critical assets and saves company time, money and man hours. Improve how you can procure assets and maintain them throughout its lifecycle by simply integrating a vendor database into your asset management system.

  • check-icon Vendor Database
  • check-icon Purchase Orders
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Depreciation Management

Accounting for the cost of a tangible or physical asset throughout its useful life or life expectancy is known as depreciation management. This allows organizations to make money from an asset while depreciating some of its value each year it is in use.

  • check-icon Depreciation Management
  • check-icon NPV Calculations Data
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Label Scanner and Designer

Enjoy the immersive scanning and asset tracking experience by designing and customizing your own asset labels. The application is fully integrated into the Genic Assets Management System. Besides, our software solution is compatible with third party scanner and designer softwares as well.

  • check-icon Label Scanner and Designer
  • check-icon Packages and Bundles
  • check-icon QR Code for Asset labels
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Genic Asset Management Software has made our work much easier! The software allows us to track and manage our assets from a single platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paper-based tracking. It has significantly improved our asset management processes!

Bob Houchin

Thanks to Genic Asset Management System, we no longer waste time searching for equipment. The system’s ability to locate assets in seconds has improved our productivity and helped us reduce costs. We must say it’s a must-have for any team!

Jocelyn Seow

Our company has been using Genic Asset Management Software for a few months, allowing us to streamline our Asset Management processes and track and manage our assets effectively. The software’s reporting feature has helped us identify underutilized assets, allowing us to optimize our operations and reduce costs.

Eric Quah

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