The Main Features of Our Asset Management Software

Our asset management software has all the capabilities required to manage your company assets effectively.

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Maintenance Management

Add credibility to your Asset’s Maintenance process with the maintenance management module that tracks the Asset Maintenance schedule.

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Reports & Notifications

Our asset management system has a series of reports and warning systems to give greater visibility on asset check-in / check-out and debating assets for further action.

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Data & Security

With our asset management system, you can back up data, making several copies of important information and even keeping them off-site in case the original is lost or corrupted.

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Location & Tracking

Our asset tracking system tracks every move within the supply chain; and traces the asset’s location through serial numbers, QR codes, and RFID tags.

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Mobile Application

Our asset management app makes it simple for you to use every single feature with ease while you are on the go.

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Asset Reservation

Genic Assets System allows for a swift asset check-out process and a foolproof reservation Asset Tracking System to ensure assets are rightly delivered to those who need them the most.


Add visibility to your workflow with our asset management system.

We believe in providing quality systems to help improve client’s operation efficiency.

Save time and resources allocated to manage the inflow, issuance, and expiration of assets. Integrating Genic Assets Management Company Software adds agility to your routine operations by breaking down the silos and giving greater visibility of assets.

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Our Clients

Our clients come first at Genic, and we are happy to say that we have improved the operations through our IT solutions with some of the best known brands.

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Genic Assets - Industries

Wondering if Genic Assets is suitable in your industry? It likely is!
Digital Asset Management in Singapore serves as an all-rounder software that applies to most sectors. Any business can benefit from managing their assets better with Genic Assets.



In healthcare, every second matters. With better inventory control and asset tracking system, Genic Assets Management System ensures that you will always be able to locate all your medical devices.

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Using Genic Assets Management System, you can streamline your company’s operations, manage the team and organize your inventory efficiently.

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Grow your business with Genic Assets Management System, a software that helps boost productivity by automating routine maintenance and reduce unnecessary paperwork, which greatly benefits the HVAC industry.

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Genic Assets Management System is an asset tracking solution that helps retail businesses to locate their assets and improve inventory management in order to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

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Enhance the productivity and proficiency of your business ranging from full project management to logistics. Easily create tasks, manage inventory, delegate duties and generate timely reports at any point of time.

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With the help of our Digital Asset Management Singapore application, conflicts can be resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Most importantly, it can be done remotely.

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Customer Service

Provide excellent service to your customers by Tracking and Managing your Assets in real-time which improves business processes.

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IT Hardware

By collecting relevant information, enhancing customer satisfaction, tracking and managing assets, our Asset Management Singapore System provides you with a quick overview of your business.

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You can keep track of your assets, manage assets information, and delegate duties with just a single application.

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Genic Assets Management System keep your operation running smoothly by reducing the occurrence of misplacing your tools and equipment.

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The right Asset Management maximises usability and ensures the availability of assets that are crucial for day-to-day operations.



Genic Hotel Asset Management System encompasses essential tools that enable you to track and manage your resources efficiently.


We have helped numerous businesses reduce their costs and improve their operation efficiency. Tracking, arranging, and monitoring of assets across locations have never been easier!
Our system also offer seamless integration with various third party softwares.

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Genic Asset Management Software has made our work much easier! The software allows us to track and manage our assets from a single platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paper-based tracking. It has significantly improved our asset management processes!

Bob Houchin

Thanks to Genic Asset Management System, we no longer waste time searching for equipment. The system’s ability to locate assets in seconds has improved our productivity and helped us reduce costs. We must say it’s a must-have for any team!

Jocelyn Seow

Our company has been using Genic Asset Management Software for a few months, allowing us to streamline our Asset Management processes and track and manage our assets effectively. The software’s reporting feature has helped us identify underutilized assets, allowing us to optimize our operations and reduce costs.

Eric Quah

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