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Scheduled Maintenance

Regular inspections and equipment servicing are the most common jobs of scheduled maintenance. Maintenance is carried out every day of every month because it is an essential aspect of keeping computer systems running smoothly. Executing maintenance jobs without overloading your taskforce or exhausting your resources require great planning, and that’s exactly what our scheduled maintenance module does.

  • check-icon Plan asset maintenance in advance
  • check-icon Easy to implement scheduling service
  • check-icon Avoid larger issues with regular maintenance

Service Triage

Items can be placed into use instantly as soon as a user checks in the item. Thus, maintenance processes run more smoothly, resulting in fewer equipment outages. Additionally, you may also choose a completion date and get reminder notifications as that day approaches. It’s possible to change or extend this date from the listing and asset information page if a service doesn’t go as planned.

  • check-icon Fewer equipment related downtime
  • check-icon Easily accessible data
  • check-icon Connect and record inventory goods

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Service Tickets

To keep track of scheduled maintenance, and activities involving vendors, it is best to create tickets. Our service ticketing feature lets you incorporate notes and service information, such as charges, intervals between maintenance, and any supplier involved. Genic Assets Management’s ticketing system is a great solution to the old school system.

  • check-icon Smaller-scale maintenance crews
  • check-icon Repair workers with complete traceability
  • check-icon Digital alternative to sticky notes, chalkboards, etc.

Recurring Services

Recurring services on asset groups and subgroups may be set up in a single step with Genic Assets Management software. Simply describe how frequently you want services to repeat along with the task start and end dates for easy maintenance administration.

  • check-icon Listview of assets that need to be checked regularly
  • check-icon Improve preventive maintenance strategy
  • check-icon Maintain your assets regularly
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Service History

To avoid equipment failures, it is important to carefully document maintenance history. The use of our software solution allows you to achieve zero in on certain failures related to components and equipment, specifically those that are causing performance problems. Technological developments have made keeping a track of maintenance history simple.

  • check-icon Equipment maintenance
  • check-icon Reports as a single snapshot
  • check-icon Keep an eye on cost trends and service type

Work Order Management

A work order management tool achieves timely and accurate processing of work orders. Although it may seem to be a simple procedure, it is a lengthy job that requires a lot of time and paperwork if it were done by hand. By automating and streamlining these procedures, Genic Assets Management software saves you time and money on every job.
Our work order management system takes care of all the planning and execution related workload.

  • check-icon Fulfilling demands for services
  • check-icon Availability of resources and tasks
  • check-icon Ensure parts’ availability and job assignment

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