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Genic Assets offers an effective Asset Management Cyber Security solution to IT teams for discovering, managing, securing, and servicing all IT assets.

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East to Use Interface

Genic Assets Management System provides an easy-to-use interface for centralized IT asset management for seamless operations.

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Mobile App Support

With Mobile app support, it’s become easy to monitor and update IT asset data from any mobile device.

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Alerts and Notifications

Genic Security Asset Management System receives notifications and alerts for required repairs and other events.

Genic Assets Management System has Everything an IT Hardware Business Needs


Data and Security

Back up your data in the most efficient way possible and keep multiple copies of critical operational data off-site in case the original is lost or corrupted. Genic Security Asset Management software is designed to ensure you don’t lose any critical data.

  • check-icon Data Backups
  • check-icon Customized Views
  • check-icon Cloud Server

Location and Tracking

With asset management, you can save the hassle of tracking down an asset manually. Every move within your supply chain is tracked in real-time, with serial numbers, QR codes and RFID tags to track asset’s location. Manage assets in real time and save the hassle of it.

  • check-icon Locations
  • check-icon Departments
  • check-icon RFID Asset Tracking
  • check-icon GPS Location

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User Management

Genic Assets Management Software has user management that is easy to follow. All account owners must be signed in to make changes, and the Master User has full authority to define the rights of other users. Besides, the system even has the privilege to re-generate access tokens on every login.

  • check-icon Access Control
  • check-icon Login Enabled
  • check-icon Employee ID Scan
  • check-icon Password Policy
  • check-icon Custom Roles

Reports and Notifications

Asset Planning is a process of keeping track of all the equipment and resources used by your business. Asset Management Software helps you approach allocating real estate, optimizing workflows and controlling inventory levels. With our product, you manage facilities, reduce repair costs and get better insights on usage.

  • check-icon Custom Reports
  • check-icon Scheduled Reports
  • check-icon Report Exports
  • check-icon Scheduled Service Reports
  • check-icon Warranty Expire Reports
  • check-icon Asset Retired Reports
  • check-icon Maintenance Alerts
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Optimize Your Hardware Assets Efficiently

Genic Assets Management Software lets you easily track and manage your hardware assets. Get a FREE trial today!


Our company has engaged BThrust for our Field Service Management system and worked with Michaela, Sri and the rest of the team. They were informed on our dateline and have worked closely together with us to ensure that our dateline is met. We are definitely amazed by their customer service and they ensure that our issues/problems are fixed. Our queries and issues were handled promptly and they are extremely professional with their services. We definitely recommend their service to all. Thank you!


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