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This feature is specifically added to the asset management software to track and manage assets and keep a log of where they were introduced initially. It even covers the monitoring of assets in various places as a location can have sub-locations, that’s because locations are organized hierarchically.

  • check-icon Track location according to asset model and state
  • check-icon It uses assets’ location states
  • check-icon Specify an asset’s life cycle


Eliminate the guesswork from locating where your precious assets are at this time, protect your assets from being misused or accumulated with one department unnecessarily. Use Asset Management software as your real-time asset tracker.

  • check-icon Prevent asset’s hoarding
  • check-icon Improve asset availability
  • check-icon Assess real-time location

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RFID Asset Tracking

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, track physical assets and manage them more efficiently. By adding an RFID tag to assets, you can introduce them in the system quickly and even track them later on. It might be anything from a person’s name, condition, quantity, or place.

  • check-icon Keep track of all assets
  • check-icon Minimum human involvement
  • check-icon Acquire information in real-time

GPS Location

The recent advancement in sensors and information technology, GPS tracking systems like QR Codes and 2D Barcodes have become the most cost-effective solution for commercial and industrial use to enjoy the ease of real-time asset monitoring.

  • check-icon Monitoring assets in real-time
  • check-icon Define a virtual border for assets
  • check-icon Access asset information easily

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