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Depreciation Management

Depreciation measures how much of an asset’s value has been depleted. Keeping a tab of all such information manually is next to impossible; why not use our asset management depreciation management module.

  • check-icon Precise asset appraisal and record-keeping
  • check-icon Secured Data Management
  • check-icon Make financial decisions with greater clarity

NPV Calculations Data

A lack of consideration of the net present value of your assets can have a significant impact on profitability. Depreciation Management module takes care of determining the current value of cash inflows projected with reference to initial investment.

  • check-icon Assists with capital budgeting
  • check-icon Reduces manual labour
  • check-icon Foolproof investment projections

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Genic Asset Management Software has made our work much easier! The software allows us to track and manage our assets from a single platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets and paper-based tracking. It has significantly improved our asset management processes!

Bob Houchin

Thanks to Genic Asset Management System, we no longer waste time searching for equipment. The system’s ability to locate assets in seconds has improved our productivity and helped us reduce costs. We must say it’s a must-have for any team!

Jocelyn Seow

Our company has been using Genic Asset Management Software for a few months, allowing us to streamline our Asset Management processes and track and manage our assets effectively. The software’s reporting feature has helped us identify underutilized assets, allowing us to optimize our operations and reduce costs.

Eric Quah

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