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With a Genic Cleaning Asset Management system, empower your business that drives operational excellence and growth and a better experience for your customers.

Job Sheduling
Control Over Inventory

With our asset management system, you keep track of your cleaning stocks and inventories, keep a record of transactions, issue new purchase orders, and easily track them.

Job Sheduling
Minimize Stockouts

Genic Assets Management software helps you track every asset and provide you with an alert when you are running low on stock to avoid stockouts.

Job Sheduling
Up-To-Date Information

Genic Assets Management software ensures that every employee has the same information by providing asset history with all documents, work orders, and manuals.

Genic Assets Management System has Everything a Cleaning Business Needs


Maintenance Management

The maintenance management keeps track of the asset maintenance schedule. It adds credibility to your asset maintenance process by focusing on greater equipment availability and dependability and transforms asset maintenance into a continuous improvement process.

  • check-icon Scheduled Maintenance
  • check-icon Service Triage
  • check-icon Service Tickets
  • check-icon Recurring Services
  • check-icon Service History
  • check-icon Work Order Management

Reports and Notifications

The outcome of data points that contribute to workflow optimization is asset planning. To provide greater insight into asset check-in / check-out and to discuss assets for future action, our asset management software provides a wide range of reports and alert systems.

  • check-icon Custom Reports
  • check-icon Scheduled Reports
  • check-icon Report Exports
  • check-icon Scheduled Service Reports
  • check-icon Warranty Expire Reports
  • check-icon Asset Retired Reports
  • check-icon Maintenance Alerts

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Location and Tracking

Genic Assets Management System allows you to track every move of your assets within the supply chain; find the asset’s location via serial number, QR codes and RFID tags. You can avoid the hassle of managing assets manually.

  • check-icon Locations
  • check-icon Departments
  • check-icon RFID Asset Tracking
  • check-icon GPS Location

Mobile App

You can access all the significant features of the asset management system in the mobile application. Get a full view of your assets with our mobile app support. Utilize the power of managing your assets purchase, reservation, assignment, auditing, and maintenance when you are not in your office.

  • check-icon Mobile Apps for easy Scanning
  • check-icon Reservation
  • check-icon Raise complaint
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Genic Assets Management Software provide you several tools to track and monitor your cleaning business assets. Get a FREE Trial now!


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