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Genic HVAC Asset Management software provides the tools to businesses to boost productivity, minimize unnecessary paperwork, automate daily operations, and expand their business.

Job Sheduling
Optimize Business Operations

Genic HVAC Asset Management System provides the necessary information to your technicians they require to tackle the job related to job and equipment.

Job Sheduling
Insights For Decisions

Whenever you need job activity and business performance data to make data-driven decisions, get real-time reports on individual contracts, clients, tasks, sites and service divisions.

Job Sheduling
HVAC Vendor Data

Genic Assets Management System enables your team to find the right price and compare local vendors for your HVAC equipment, repairs, and services.

Genic Assets Management System has Everything an HVAC Business Needs


Asset Management

Genic Assets Management System software will save you time and resources to organize assets inflow, issuance, and expiration. Integrating this software will make your daily operations seamless by providing greater visibility of assets.

  • check-icon Asset Database
  • check-icon Groups and Subgroups
  • check-icon Asset Stock and Inventory Module
  • check-icon Asset Lifecycle Management
  • check-icon Excel Import and Export

Asset Reservation

Asset reservation will ensure significant assets are available at the time when the business needs them by making a reservation on time. This system enables a speedy asset check-out procedure and a reliable asset reservation tracking system to guarantee that assets are supplied properly to those who need them most.

  • check-icon Availability Calendar
  • check-icon Reservations
  • check-icon Flexible Item Reservations
  • check-icon History Tracking
  • check-icon Check-out and Check-in Assets

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Reports and Notifications

With the Genic Assets Management System, you can generate custom reports for meaningful insights and create alerts for seamless business operations. With HVAC Asset Management system, we help you get out of stuck situations by providing reports and warning systems to give greater visibility on asset check-in / check-out, along with debating assets for further action.

  • check-icon Custom Reports
  • check-icon Scheduled Reports
  • check-icon Report Exports
  • check-icon Scheduled Service Reports
  • check-icon Warranty Expire Reports
  • check-icon Asset Retired Reports
  • check-icon Maintenance Alerts

Data and Security

Genic Assets Management software helps you secure your data and documents. It integrates with your backup infrastructure, making it easy to manage your data protection tasks with as little effort as possible.

  • check-icon Data Backups
  • check-icon Customized Views
  • check-icon Cloud Server
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Gain Full Visibility into Your HVAC Inventory

Genic Assets Management Software provide you with powerful insights that help you to manage the full asset lifecycle. Get a Live Demo to know more!


Our company has engaged BThrust for our Field Service Management system and worked with Michaela, Sri and the rest of the team. They were informed on our dateline and have worked closely together with us to ensure that our dateline is met. We are definitely amazed by their customer service and they ensure that our issues/problems are fixed. Our queries and issues were handled promptly and they are extremely professional with their services. We definitely recommend their service to all. Thank you!


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Genic Teams knows what it takes to rejuvenate enterprises and take them forward. It helped to overcome business challenges with performative technology and innovative solutions

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